5 Best Tips on How Parents can support Online Learning

In the following article, we help provide some of the best tips that can help parents on how to support online learning for their children, and helping both students and parents to keep up with the new norm of Online Classes.

How do classes function with the beginning of the academic year? Will online classes be the same as classrooms? What needs to be taken care of for students?

This article helps to answer questions that parents need to follow to help adjust to the new norm of Online Classes

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1. How Online Classes/courses work?

Many in the west were already conducting online classes and also corporates moved from classroom to online model for the upskilling of their employees. This can be either instructor-led, with Teachers available online, and taking them through the subject or Online Course, where the module will be text/video and students need to complete the module.

2. How to set up the Physical space?

Setting up the comfortable space for the kids to take the online classes is very important.

How to reduce the risk of longer screen time?

The effects of longer screen time can be reduced by using these simple methods

3. Breaks and Schedule

Ensure that kids take proper breaks. It is better to have a regular schedule

4. Regular school methods with the online methodology

It is also important that the regular school methods are also practiced along with the online learning method

Final Thoughts

Parents play a very important role in Online learning from home.

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