Realized-Metaphorized and Written by Harish

Inuit is a group of people inhabiting the Arctic regions. Nanook is the derivation of their word “nanuq” for polar bears.

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the global average. Two-thirds of all polar bears will be gone by 2050.

Polar bears…

Set Alarm-Stayed Awake and Written by Harish

Afternoons are best. I’m at home watching TV, eating delicious food with parents, having fun…

While you are all in office eating from oven friendly Tupper ware and with colleagues…

Colleagues you can’t trust, that they may pottu kudukafy to manager, colleagues whom…

Desired-Purchased and Written by Harish

An old saying goes: You complain of not having a good shoe to wear, think about the person who does not have leg.

Sculpture standing afloat in floods, when thousands rendered homeless. Idols were not destroyed in tsunami that killed lakhs of people. Women enters…

Here are the 10 Best and Simple self-improvement tips that can benefit you to change your life. This will yield success in personal, professional life, and social life. It can even help others around you.

Everyone goes through that phase in life when they do a self-introspection and self-assessment. There are things that they want to change — about their work or professional life, family life, scared to admit their flaws, and fear of loss when taking a risk/making a change.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

1. Start with making a Journal:

As the first step of self-improvement tip is to keep a journal.

We all have done this as kids when we are asked to write what we want to become when we grow up. Well, it is not late. …

Questioned- Pondered and Written by Harish

It has been a little over a day that Sushant Singh Rajput, a popular Indian film actor ended his life. There have been millions of messages swarming news channels, internet, and social media. WhatsApp status, Facebook posts, Twitter handles, and Instagram messages talking about…

In the following article, we help provide some of the best tips that can help parents on how to support online learning for their children, and helping both students and parents to keep up with the new norm of Online Classes.

How do classes function with the beginning of the academic year? Will online classes be the same as classrooms? What needs to be taken care of for students?

This article helps to answer questions that parents need to follow to help adjust to the new norm of Online Classes

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted all over the world, including educational institutions. Many countries across the globe had implemented complete lock-down, and resuming with conditions.

At the same time parents are worried about sending the kids to schools as social distancing cannot be followed. …

Imagined-Panicked and Written by Harish

A write up on how we need to Pause during the time of Crisis before we move on.

An anecdote from traditional religious texts, tells us this story.

A man was walking through a forest. Suddenly a tiger started to chase him. He fears for…

Harish R

Harish is an ITeS professional, who is passionate about writing, photography, paintings and film making.

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